All-In-One Music Theory Books


All-In-One to Grade 5 music theory


All-In-One To Grade 5 music theory book, 3rd EDITION

(Beginner to Grade 5)

A fast track from Beginner to Grade 5 Music Theory.
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All-In-One Answer Book


All-In-One  Answer Book

Contains answers to ‘All-In-One to Grade 5 (3rd edition)’, ‘All-In-One: Grades 1-3’, ‘All-In-One: Grade 4-5’ and the ‘Trinity Supplement Booklet’
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Trinity College London Supplement


Trinity Supplement

Necessary for Trinity College London students, to use alongside All-In-One to Grade 5, 3rd edition.

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All-In-One Grades 1 to 3 music theory

A fast track from Beginner to Grade 3 Music Theory (158 Pages) by Rachel Billings.

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All-In-One Grades 4 to 5 Music Theory

Grade 4 to Grade 5 Music Theory (164 Pages) by Rachel Billings.
Contains EXTRA exercises as well as material from the ‘Trinity Supplement’

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All-In-One Revision Booklets

The following revision booklets are optional (All the practice material you need can already be found All-In-One to Grade 5/ All-In-One: Grades 1-3 and All-In-One: 4-5). They are useful for the few students who require a little extra practice material in the final stages before an exam. Please note, THERE ARE NO ANSWERS PROVIDED FOR THE REVISION BOOKLETS  because Rachel is currently writing them! If this is a problem (i.e. because you do not have a teacher to mark your work) and you need answers to particular questions, feel free to ask the author directly at and she will do her best to help.

Grade 1 Revision Booklet
(Grade 1 Music Theory Revision Booklet covers the basics and provides plenty of extra practice.) (More information...)
Grade 2 Revision Booklet
Grade Two Music Theory is an easy step up from Grade One Music Theory.  This booklet provides a little additional practice beyond the numerous worksheets already found in All-In-One to Grade 5.   (More information...)
Grade 3 Revision Booklet
(Grade Three Music Theory practice book builds up on all the knowledge you learnt at Grade Two. A supplementary revision booklet for students who need a little extra practice) (More information...)
Grade 4 Revision Booklet
Grade 4 music theory revises the alto clef,  duplets, technical note names, double sharps and flats, ornaments, voices in score and more. (More information...)
Grade 5 Revision Booklet
Grade 5 Music Theory: Supplementary revision work sheets provide practice for topics covered in the Grade 5 exam syllabus (ABRSM and Trinity College London) and assumes knowledge of all previous grades. (More information...)